Monday, 10 October 2016

The first few weeks of school term ...

So the first few weeks of school term have kicked off well, with people coming to the shop to get their uniforms.  Many people still prefer to fit their children with the appropriate uniforms, rather than order online, simply because they are growing so fast.  Some people think it is hardly worth their while ordering online and receiving items by post.  That is a great pity since it can save them time and money - of course, if they know the size.

It is important to fit the child well - many make the mistake of taking items which are far too big, or stretch out items which are far too small.  Ill-fitting clothes are dangerous in dance, as they can cause discomfort or, worse, injury.  This is especially true of footwear, since they can cause the dancer to trip and fall, or they can so badly cramp the feet that the work is not carried out properly and correctly.

Receive a proper fitting and contact us for an appointment.  You can also find us on facebook

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Our mini-shoes are finally on sale!

... We have found the time to upload them to the website, after having to edit the available images which were not of sufficient quality!   So you can now buy the pointe shoes and the mini soft shoes keyrings, usually available in most colours. You can either buy them in pairs or alone, and you can place them on display or attach them to a keyring - whatever suits you best.

If you are a school and wish to give these out to your students, or to sell them from your shop, please contact us for bulk discounts.  The same also applies if you want to order in bulk.

These items are excellent gift ideas but also make great souvenirs, e.g. at the end of a party, be it for young children, young adults, or a gathering of dancers.

We hope to be able to add more models soon - watch this space!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Sansha Soprano Pointe Shoes 5W

We have this one last pair of Sansha Soprano pointe shoes, it being an end-of-the-line model.  It is in Sansha size 5W - being a wide fitting in European size 35 or UK size 2.5.  Please be sure to check your size before purchasing as we do not have any others in this model, it being an end-of-line model.

You can view and purchase the item on ebay.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Hurry, only 10 days of sale left!

Since we had decided to run a sale over the month of August, we have seen increased visits to the website, as well as some sales! We are delighted!

Do visit our website - read the blog here or simply just go shopping. We would be delighted to be of service to you! 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Sansha Chicago now on sale!

Our Sansha Chicago Unisex jazz pants are on sale!

We have a lot of these black jazz pants on sale and cannot wait to get them over to you! We want to clear our stocks for even more new exciting items.  These are a durable pair of pants - you'll want more than one for your dance wardrobe! You can use them for all forms of movement - be it dance, drama, aerobis, walking - or even just hanging out! The quality of the material means you can do floor-work without the fear of wearing a hole in them.

Remember, we post free to Malta and have very reasonable rates worldwide. We accept Paypal, the safest way to pay!

Friday, 31 July 2015

More and more items ... more and more discounts!

So yesterday I spent some time uploading products to the blog, now that I am happy with the layout and many pages of text.  There's lots to read and I am really pleased with the way the products are show-cased - the Venedor theme on Wordpress is great! 

The shop now has ballet shoes, pointe shoes, jazz shoes and some regulation uniforms for younger children.  We will also set up a bargains corner with our end-of-line items, or things we need to move so that we clear our shelves for more.

Do contact us if you do not see something you need - we are always happy to help!  The site also has a blog, which pretty much reflects this one - but not always!

Happy shopping

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Sansha Tivoli Jazz shoes are now available online!

We are delighted that we have finally uploaded the first adult jazz shoes - Sansha's wonderful Tivoli jazz shoes.  We have both the leather and the canvas variation.

This is a very comfortable lace-up jazz shoe with split soles, and a leather patch to protect the pleats at the bottom. Slight low heel gives comfort and turning flexibility. It is also suitable for modern dance classes.

We stock the Medium width, but we can order Narrow and Wide for you.  Please contact us.
We stock these in black - other colours may be ordered - subject to availability.  Again it is best to contact us.

Note that Sansha sizes work as follows:

Size 1 = European size 31
Size 2 = European size 32 and so on.

You can check your size by contacting us or reading our page (FAQ) regarding sizes.